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What is "Fesmi"?

  1. What is "Fesmi" or "Festive Smiles" all about?
    "Fesmi" or "Festive Smiles" is a social networking website that helps the user to create websites for your the festivals. You can store the details about your Festival or event, upload invitations, Photos, embed videos and can provide all Festival related information etc.,

  2. What are Festivals or Events can be created through FestiveSmiles?
    You can create Festivals like, Wedding, Birthday, House Warming etc.

  3. Can I create only the 3 Festivals mentioned above?
    No, you can create website any kind of Festivals. We have a custom option to create your own festivals or events.

  4. What would be the URL look like for my festival?
    While creating each and every festival we get a value called "Site Domain" from the users, which is unique. For example, if you create a wedding website and want to have bride (Eg. Name: Clara) & groom (Eg. Name: David) names together as "Site Domain". Then the URL of their wedding website will be "claradavid.fesmi.com".

  5. Do you have options to select different web Templates?
    Yes, you could see variety of templates in our templates section to choose from.

  6. How long it will take to create a website?
    If you have the data with you. Then you can create your website in less thn 30 minutes. It is as quick as that.

  7. How many event can I create under my account?
    Each Member may create as many events as they wish, provided they have paid the fee for each event.


  1. Who can join? And how much does it cost?
    Anyone above the age of 18 can join. There is no cost for joining, but there is a fee of US$19 for each events created.

  2. When will I be charged?
    You will be charged immediately upon the creation of the event.

  3. What are the cancellation terms and do I get refunded?
    Members are not permitted to cancel payments once the event has been created.

  4. How do I know that your website is secure enough to give you my Credit Card information?
    We use the highest industry standard levels of security to ensure that your information is protected. This includes, but is not limited to, SSL encryption for the transfer of sensitive information over the Internet, multiple levels of password control and firewall access to our systems.

  5. I don't have a credit/debit card or a PayPal account. Can I pay using another method such as cheque or direct deposit?
    We only accept payment with a valid VISA, MasterCard, Discover or American Express; you can also use Debit Cards and by Direct Deposit through PayPal. Right now, we do not accept any other methods of payment. A PayPal account can be easily set up at no charge by going to www.paypal.com.